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Conservatories Exmouth
The Build Process
You know you would like a conservatory but have no idea where best to position it, what design is best suited to your house and can’t face having to organise the various tradesmen for each stage of the build. By arranging a no obligation home visit you will be setting the way for a stress free process enabling you to turn your dreams into reality.
Conservatories Exmouth
Designing Your Conservatory
What will your conservatory be used for? Will it be in use all year round? Will it be used mostly in early morning, midday, evenings?
Depending on the use of your conservatory you need to plan the best position. Which room should it connect to? Which direction should it face? Do you want morning or evening sun or the best views of the garden?
Size & Shape
How large should it be? Which shape will make the best use of the space and the site?
What style best suits your house? What will it look like from the inside and outside? Will it enhance the looks and value of the property?


  • Security
    What level of security is required? Will it match that of the rest of your house?
  • Heating & Ventilation
    If the conservatory is to be used all year round, will it require heating? In the summer what ventilation, blinds or fans will be needed to keep it cool?
  • Maintenance
    How easy will it need to be to clean and maintain inside and out?
  • Planning Permission
    Do you need approval? Many conservatories don't, but you should check, particularly if you live in a conservation area, your house is listed, or you are making major structural changes.

"One of our skilled team will be pleased to offer you assistance and advice on all of these questions and any others you may have."


The installation process

After initial discussions with your installer, a surveyor will usually visit to check your site and make sure everything you have chosen is possible and practical. Once the conservatory style and features have been decided, its time to sit back, relax and watch it take shape.

There are six main steps involved in the construction of a typical conservatory, here is what you can expect to happen during the process.

Exmouth Conservatory  

Step 1

The site is prepared; foundations are dug out and concrete is poured into the foundations.

Devon Conservatory  

Step 2

Construction of the cavity dwarf walls begins, if applicable to your conservatory and the floor slab is prepared.

Exmouth Conservatory Installtion  

Step 3

The windowsills and frames are fitted onto the top of the dwarf wall and then its time to fit the roof.

Exmouth Conservatory Construction  

Step 4

The aluminium glazing bars and ridge are installed first followed by your chosen glazing material.

Exmouth Conservatory Suppliers  

Step 5

Glass sealed units are fitted into the side frames to complete the structure.

Exmouth Conservatory Design  

Step 6

Your conservatory is ready for you to furnish and enjoy for years to come.


window supplier Exmouth
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